ATLAS Prepares Milagro Fundraiser

Carmichael, CA  |  MPG Staff

Carmichael, CA (MPG) - ATLAS of Carmichael will hold a Dinner and Auction Fundraiser soon at the Milagro Center, the community’s new “gathering place” on Fair Oaks Boulevard south of Marconi Avenue.

Milagro’s Patriot Event Center will host the event on Friday evening, October 13. It will feature fine food from the recently opened Patriot Restaurant, live music, an auction offering out-of-town accommodations, theme park tickets, choice wines, and an opportunity to hear about what ATLAS, a nonprofit community-based organization is doing in Carmichael.

Tickets are $50 and available on the ATLAS of Carmichael website (, by mail, or at the ATLAS Thrift Shop located at 6634 Fair Oaks Boulevard.

This year’s fundraiser theme, “Nourish and Flourish,” will highlight the role of ATLAS, which for the past five years has helped homeless and other struggling individuals connect with resources, advocacy, and mentoring. “Stabilizing people in crisis allows them to move forward with their goals, such as permanent housing, jobs, and a better life for themselves and their families,” said Scott Young, Director of ATLAS.

A core ATLAS principle is helping volunteers from churches and other organizations build relationships with people in need and provide guidance about public and private resources designed to help them. The next step for those who choose to take it is to meet regularly with a trained mentor to walk alongside them. Another of ATLAS’ goals is building community relationships among like-minded citizens and groups.

For example, ATLAS has played a key role in the development of Carmichael HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team), which in the past year has involved hundreds of volunteers in Winter Sanctuary programs. HART also sponsors initiatives to move homeless individuals into transitional housing, provide training, and help children whose parents have no permanent address.

“We’re seeing a convergence of ATLAS, HART and several other ongoing initiatives that are making Carmichael a healthier community,” said Young, who also serves as President of Carmichael HART. “Others are the Carmichael Improvement District, which has brought businesses together to improve security along Fair Oaks Boulevard, the county’s extensive beautification work along the corridor, and the Milagro Center itself. These are encouraging examples of significant material and human investment in our community.”

Submitted by ATLAS