Local Teens Host Public Speaking Banquet

Carmichael, CA  |  By Jennifer Harris, Toastmasters
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Attendees at the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program event. Photo courtesy Toastmasters

Carmichael, CA (MPG) - For eight weeks, a group of Sacramento area homeschool students participated in a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program. At a showcase banquet on October 25, the students presented a typical Toastmasters meeting demonstrating their public speaking skills with informative speeches and impromptu responses. 

During the Toastmasters program, students learned how to give speeches, become better listeners, become more comfortable in front of an audience, evaluate speeches, and speak with limited preparation.

Carmichael Toastmasters sponsored this program which is offered free nationwide as a service to the community. Jennifer Harris, a member of Carmichael Toastmasters Club #2213, coordinated the Youth Leadership Program.

The program was led primarily by the students, who served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Sergeant-At-Arms. Mrs. Harris guided the participants as they learned how to conduct a meeting and how to improve their speaking abilities.

The showcase banquet was held at a Sacramento Public Library on Wednesday, Oct. 25th. The banquet began with a meal, then transitioned into a typical Youth Leadership Program meeting. Several participants gave speeches or participated in Table Topics, an impromptu-speaking exercise. The audience was also invited to participate in Table Topics. It was sure an inspiring evening! 

For more information about the Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program, visit www.toastmaster.org.