And the Winner is Kelli Foley, Honorary Mayor

Carmichael, CA  |  By Susan Maxwell Skinner
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Realtor Kelli Foley (right) is congratulated by 2017 Carmichael Honorary Mayor Katie Pexa. Foley was voted Pexa’s 2018 successor by Carmichael Chamber of Commerce supporters. Photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner

Carmichael, CA (MPG) - After five months of feverish fundraising, realtor Kelli Foley was this week declared Carmichael Honorary Mayor for 2018. Her year of office begins in January.

Real estate broker and owner of the Trillium agency in Carmichael, Foley ran against senior care specialist Rebecca Johnson. Though the coveted mayoral sash carries neither salary nor political power, a year of ribbon-cutting and baby-kissing is guaranteed. Foley and Johnson shared combined campaign proceeds – about $14,000 -- with the Chamber of Commerce and local non-profits.

Winner Foley was Carmichael-raised and educated at Del Campo High School. She declared herself “thrilled and excited” by victory: “I didn’t find out until they announced my name at the Chamber luncheon,” she said. “After five months of hard work, it was a huge relief.”

Surrounded by agency staff and friends, she announced her mayoral mission to promote Carmichael businesses. “Our town means more to me than a place to hang my hat,” she said. “I’m passionate about everything it has to offer – its people, its parks; its unique sense of place. In my campaign, I got to know people I would never have otherwise met. It’s wonderful to have been able to support the Chamber and the Alzheimer’s Association at the same time,”

Every dollar raised in the Chamber’s annual mayoral race buys votes for contenders.  Foley’s funds were gleaned from a wine event at the Milagro Centre, a series of raffles and her drive to recruit new Chamber members and sponsors. “As 2018 mayor, I’ll wear my sash at all kinds of community events,” she enthused. “Just ask for me and I’ll show up. I’m looking forward to a busy and exciting year.”

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