County Board Approves Cultural Arts Awards Grant Program

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG)  |  By Sacramento County Media

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - On Tuesday, Jan. 23, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved the first-year funding for the 2018-20 Cultural Arts Awards Program (CAA) in the amount $336,000. These funds will be distributed to the 59 local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations that were selected as recipients of the CAA Program by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

Funded by Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento since 1991, the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission is a public agency devoted to supporting, promoting and advancing the arts in the region that also makes funding available to arts and nonprofit organizations with arts programming through the CAA Program that is offered every three years. 

The CAA Program grants assist with general operating expenses or project support to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, government arts agencies, arts service organizations and community organizations with arts programming. These grants are funded annually from County Transient Occupancy Tax to support and enhance the quality of life in Sacramento through the support of public performances, exhibitions, festivals and major outreach programs for youths and disadvantaged populations.  

Each of the 2018-20 CAA Program grantees conduct outreach programs targeting schools, senior citizens, and/or neighborhoods with limited cultural activities. For this cycle, the grantees include: theater, music, visual arts, dance, arts service, folk of traditional arts, media, literary, film, multi-disciplinary and community-based organizations; and multicultural and culturally specific groups such as Asian, Latino/ Hispanic, African-American and groups that serve disabled and economically disadvantaged communities.

The application process for the 2018-20 CAA grant cycle began in April 2017 during which the Arts Commission received a total of 66 applications and after a comprehensive review process, recipients were scored and selected. Funding for the second and third year of the cycle is contingent on several factors including the submittal of a Mid-Cycle report that the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission staff will use to determine additional funding.

For more information about the CAA Program contact the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.