Realtor Unflagging Friend to Felines

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG)  |  Story and photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner
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Katie Mack holds a recent acquaintance. Mister Blue was recently found on the lam in central Carmichael.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - Clients who do business with Katie Mack seldom learn the Carmichael realtor has a nocturnal sideline. Mack (68) rescues some of the most vulnerable animals in our community – feral and abandoned cats. “Few people know how many lives are lost due to feline over-population in Sacramento,” she says.

Mack has long waged a one-woman campaign to supply friendless felines the help they need.

Not only does she have four semi-ferals enjoying the good life in her home, she visits, feeds and watches over a colony of 15 homeless cats several times each week. Using free spaying and neutering programs, she makes certain that these animals will not multiply their problems. In the past 15 years, she has also found homes for more than needy 100 kitties. “It’s not like I go looking for lost cats,” she explains. “They’ve a way of finding me.”

Mack’s latest rescue was a non-feral Russian blue male she called Mister Blue. “I used every method of advertising to find his owners,” she says. “He’d been so well taken care of, I couldn’t imagine how he ended up in the streets. He was laid-back, friendly and comfortable on any lap. He was clearly used to affection. He showed up at my doctor’s office on Fair Oaks Boulevard some weeks ago and decided to hang out. We took him to a vet and established he had a clean bill of health. I brought him home but he couldn’t stay with me; he needed a forever family.”

Through a rescue agency called Fluff Buddies, a Napa area family heard about the handsome orphan. “The husband and wife came to Carmichael to meet him with two of their kids,” says Mack. “They’d had a Russian blue for 13 years before he died. Mister Blue immediately jumped on the young daughter’s lap. He seemed to know these were his people. I heard he slept with his new mom and dad on his first night with them. The adoption came just in time; I was getting too fond of that sweet guy.  A happy ending makes rescue work worthwhile.”

“I’ve had cats all my life,” says the rescuer. “I’d love to see every cat loved and cared for. But I’m a busy, committed businesswoman with as many pets as I can handle.  People should not expect me to take on their stray animal problems but I am a resource; I can always suggest ways to find help.”

Advice on feral cat problems and animal birth control are offered by:

  1. The SPCA.
  2.  Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter (Bradshaw Road).
  3. The Animal Spay and Neuter (a non-profit located near Bradshaw Road).
  4. The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition.

Contact Katie Mack at: