Dignity Home Services: Moving Up While Helping People Who Are Moving Out

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James Radford and his wife, Kate, with their children (L-R) Abigail, Silas and Joel. Courtesy photo

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The Dignity Home Services crew. Radford provides free estimates and can be reached at 916- 247-2425 or online at http://www.dignityhomeservices.com. Courtesy photo

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - James Radford, founder and CEO of Dignity Home Services, would like to see his new business succeed.  In fact, he truly wants to clean up.

The Missouri native specializes in helping homeowners in transition.  When an individual is moving out of their home and needs help with the process, Radford is now the one to call in the greater Sacramento area.     

Radford says that he sets his business apart from other home cleaning services through a “solid, precise process.”  In one fell swoop, Radford and his colleagues will haul items for residents, as well as clean carpets and windows.

The amiable man of thirty nine understands that his clients, leaving their homes, are often facing a challenging transition.  Radford recognizes their situation and makes it his personal mission to help them any way he can.  If needed, he will even assist clients with selling, storing, or disposing items removed from their homes.  “I take it from a servant’s heart and a servant’s approach,” Radford maintains.

In this process, he emphasizes an expedient manner of serving them.  “We do everything,” he proclaims.  “What can take people two or three months, we can do in six or seven days.” 

Radford started his business when a friend of his fell and broke her hip.  She needed to move out of her house immediately for assisted living and turned to James for help.  Radford had a background in janitorial service, and was eager to pitch in.  “Hey, why don’t we bring a crew out?” he thought, and Dignity Home Services was born.  The job was done in five days and Radford was off and cleaning.

That was last February, and he now employs a crew of 10-12 people.  The Dignity in Dignity Home Services extends to Radford’s employees as well as his clients.  Instead of considering them mere laborers, Radford provides his workers with the opportunity to grow with him.  “Everybody’s involved in the business,” he asserts.  Radford encourages his associates to literally buy into his vision, giving them the option to become stock holders.  What’s more, he lets them in on the company’s internal workings, such as teaching them how to read profit and loss statements. 

Radford asserts that this high level of employee involvement is his recipe for long term growth.  Thus, the plain talking Eagle Scout from the Show Me State plans to enable his associates to grow their own businesses through franchising.  His goal is to build a nationwide company in this manner. 

On his road to success, the father of three (Joel is 16, Silas is 12, and Abigail is 4) also involves himself in the Roseville community as an active participant in Boy Scouts Troop #1051.  His wife, Kate, serves as Director of Children and Youth for Roseville Baptist Church.  She also pitches in to develop their homegrown business.    

Dignity Home Services serves the following areas:  Carmichael, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Grass Valley, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento.  Radford provides free estimates and can be reached at 916- 247-2425.  Online, he can be found at http://www.dignityhomeservices.com.