Founders Day Smiles for Kids and Llamas

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG)  |  Story and photos by Susan Maxwell Skinner and the Skinner Historical Archive
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Adriana Avila and siblings Marlene and Kash Koehler met the Dottie Llama during Carmichael’s Founders Day anniversary in Carmichael Park. The celebration commemorated the town’s 1909 founding by Sacramento real estate entrepreneur Daniel Carmichael.
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Daniel Carmichael

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - Once a colony, now a proudly unincorporated Sacramento County community, Carmichael marked its 109th anniversary last Saturday.

A day-long festival commemorated the 1909 real estate venture by town founder Daniel Carmichael. The Georgian-born entrepreneur purchased two large chunks of the old San Juan and Del Paso land grants and carved these into 10-acre blocks. These mini farms were offered to pioneers for around $1000 each. The lots have since been much subdivided and though few original homes remain, streets and parks named for pioneers Van Alstine, Gibbons, Barrett, Clark, Kenneth, Stanley (and Carmichael himself) are monuments to the colony’s founding years.

History aside, the anniversary provided much festivity. The area’s largest annual car show filled much of Carmichael Park with classic motors. Local rock heart-throb Todd Morgan entertained. A carnival zone included bounce houses and a petting zoo; star attraction this year was the Dottie Llama. Learn more about Carmichael Recreation and Park District events at