Signs of a New Season

Carmichael, CA  |  Words and pictures by Susan Maxwell Skinner
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Carmichael friends Yana Sullivan and Allie Olson got creative with pumpkin painting at the Carmichael Farmers Market. Jason Rose and Pomeranian/chihuahua Sarah won first prize and many hearts with a panda-pooch ensemble.

Market Marks Autumn with Falling Leaf Fest

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - It’s autumn when leaves fall, pumpkins appear on porches and pooches parade unlikely costumes in Carmichael Park.  The Sunday Farmers Market last weekend spiced up business and staged an annual Falling Leaf Festival.

Frivolous fun included a pumpkin dessert bake-off, fire dancing, pumpkin-painting and the October Doggie Costume parade.  For this much-anticipated event, a dozen or more pooches donned Halloween costumes and strutted in procession around the packed market place. A small dog dressed as a taco led the pageant, followed by a huge German shepherd in Deputy Dawg attire. A Dalmatian rigged out as Carmen Miranda, three French bulldogs in drag and a biker pug brought up the rear. Grand marshal and market founder Marie Hall then called each entrant forward to perform party tricks. These consisted mainly of handshakes and the ability to sit, woof on command and sniff out rewards for doing so.

Two winners were chosen by audience acclaim. Runner-up was a caped labradoodle super-hero. A Pomeranian/chihuahua mix in a panda outfit won riotous applause, wolf whistles and first prize. Owner Jason Rose spent $40 on his four-year-old Sarah’s costume and had a feeling his panda pooch had victory in the bag. “Everywhere I went before the parade, people were taking her picture,” said the Arden Arcade tiler.  “Sarah doesn’t do any tricks . She wins just by being adorable.”