A True Inspiration

Carmichael, CA   |  By Paul Scholl
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Taro Arai (in snowcap) gave an inspiring message at the Chamber luncheon. We stands with his father Koki at his right, the original owner of Mikuni restaurants. Also pictured are Virginia Stone, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Jim Warrick from Carmichael Elks, and local philanthropist Barbara Safford. Photo by Ron Cassity.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) – The more you listen, the more you hear. And when a truly inspirational story finds you, you just have to listen.

An overflow crowd attended the recent Carmichael Chamber of Commerce luncheon on January 22, there to hear the amazing story of Mikuni family restaurants. Taro Arai, the Chief Dreaming Officer for the company, told the story of how the family grew from very humble beginnings.

His father, Koki Arai, once had a dream that he was to open a restaurant in the United States. He said “Dad, you know nothing about cooking, nothing about business, and you want to start a restaurant?” But, because of his faith and the message he was given, Koki persevered.  Coming to America with almost nothing, they opened their first restaurant in Fair Oaks on Hazel Blvd.

At one time the family received a loan from a friend and businessman in Japan. In a short time they had lost everything, but were resolved to not give up. “My father continued because he had faith in God” Taro said. “He always said we will be blessed.”

And blessed they were. Over time, they have added many new restaurants in the region and all of them successful. They have also given back a great deal to the community. Their belief is they have been so blessed and they will always be dedicated to blessing others.

If you ever get a chance to hear Taro speak of their family story be sure to attend. It is truly inspiring.