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Makeup Advice From An Expert

Posted: 1/11/2013

No matter what your face has to face during the course of the day, a soft strong tissue can be handy to have
No matter what your face has to face during the course of the day, a soft strong tissue can be handy to have.

(NAPSI)—Known for helping A-list stars look great, celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey offers the following tips and tricks to help you put your best face forward on special occasions and every day:

• Shine off: To remove excess shine throughout the day, gently blot shiny areas with a tissue wrapped around a makeup sponge to remove excess sweat without ruining your makeup.

• Lip tip: Bold and bright lip colors are very popular right now and application is everything when it comes to great-looking lipstick. First, soften your lip line with a clean brush before you begin. Then, line your lips and fill in the entire area using a lip pencil that matches your lipstick as closely as possible. Once applied, it’s important to blot off any excess lipstick to ensure a long-lasting, refined look, keeping in mind that excess product is likely to bleed outside the lip line. To blot, fold a tissue in half and gently press it between your lips. This will not only absorb the excess but will also press the pigment into your lips for extra staying power.

• Eye for beauty: Apply eyeliner as close to the base of your lashes as possible to really make your eyes pop, and don’t close them as you line! Instead, try keeping them slightly open and look down for a more precise application.

• When choosing a foundation: Pick a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone because once it sets, the makeup darkens. Blend the foundation from the inside of your face and smooth outward to the areas you want to cover. If you blend it in just right under your eyes, you won’t need concealer.

• Don’t forget your lashes: When applying mascara, it’s more important to coat the root of the lash then the tip. To begin, fold a tissue and place it at the bottom of your eyelashes, where the roots meet your eyelid, and apply the mascara from the root. Pull the wand through your lashes against the tissue toward the tip, leaving the excess on the tissue. Remember—don’t rub your eyes. Instead, blot with Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong to make sure your makeup stays put.

For more information on Puffs and beauty makeup tips, visit


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