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Taking Home Entertainment To A New Dimension

Posted: 1/11/2013

Thanks to today’s technology, you can turn 2D movies and your living room into a 3D home theater
Thanks to today’s technology, you can turn 2D movies and your living room into a 3D home theater.

(NAPSI)—Watching movies and sports in the comfort of your own home is a great way to spend time with family and friends-and now it can be even better.

That’s because with new technology, you can now watch any 2D movie as a 3D masterpiece—you don’t have to wait for a 3D version to come along.

What You Get

Usually, 2D to 3D conversion is something of an afterthought and the resultant picture is only marginally three-dimensional. Also, with many home theater displays, the trade-off of brightness and discomfort that you get from wearing 3D glasses can make it a hassle.

Now, however, on two new projectors, converting 2D to 3D results in more dramatic and engaging pictures. You end up with an actual 3D picture worthy of the name. Fans of 3D will definitely want to try it while using their favorite 2D movies, even classics from the 1930s and earlier.

How It Works

Two new Mitsubishi projectors use proprietary algorithms to take a 2D image, calculate and interpolate multiple depth levels, and produce detailed, high-definition 3D images that create a natural perception of depth with minimum crosstalk or distortion. Content appears impressive enough to literally jump off the screen. There’s a vastly expanded color range, too; the greens of trees and cyan shades of oceans that were previously hard to reproduce can now be seen with deep, vivid hues.

As with all 3D projectors, you need active shutter glasses, but if your friends come by to watch with you, they can bring their own and enjoy the same fine effect.

In addition, Mitsubishi’s HC8000D-BL boasts rich details, even in darkly lit movie scenes or film noir and 1,300 lumens of brightness, making it a great option for gaming.

The company’s new HC7900DW projector features even higher brightness--1,500 lumens.

Both projectors use Texas Instruments’ latest DMD chip to create exciting, vibrant 2D and 3D images in full high-definition, while an ultrahushed fan means viewers hear quiet dialogue or soft music during a movie or television show, not an annoying fan hum.

Learn More

For more information, visit or or call (888) 307-0349. You can also connect on Facebook at and on Twitter at


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