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Ray Dare

God is Working Behind the Scenes

By Pastor Ray Dare
Posted: 6/5/2013

God always answers prayer, but sometimes there’s a delay in receiving the answer. God hears our prayer immediately. There’s no problem with it taking time for your prayer to get to God. It is there instantly. But sometimes He delays the giving of the answer for a period of time and that is one of the hardest things we have to learn.

As a parent, the hardest concept for my kids to learn was the difference between “no” and “not yet”. That was hard for them to understand. When they were younger, they’d say “Daddy can I have a cookie?” I’d say, “No, not right now.” They might go into a fit as if they think I’m never going to give them a cookie. Why? Because immature people don’t understand the difference between “No.” and “Not yet.” A mark of maturity in the Christian life is this: How long can you wait? That’s a mark of maturity in life. Babies always have to have it right away, but a mature person can wait.

I talked to a person once who said, “I tried prayer. I prayed for two weeks and nothing happened so I’ve given up on prayer. I’ve lost my faith in prayer.” No, you haven’t lost your faith. You’ve lost your patience. You spell faith — PATIENCE. Faith is patience.

Why does God delay our answers to prayer? Usually it’s because He needs to prepare us first. He needs to get us ready. He wants to bless us and in order to give that blessing to us, He has to prepare us for it. My 15 year old son comes to me and says, “Dad can I drive the car?” I say, “Not at this time, but someday. When you grow up and you’re mature and you’ve learned how to drive, then you’ll get the request answered, but not yet, because you need to grow up.” God often waits for us to grow up.

You think, “But if God sees everything I’m going through and if God really cares about me, why doesn’t He work things out for me?” That’s a legitimate question. The answer is, He usually wants to change you first. He wants to change your attitude. After you’ve learned the right attitude, then God’s free to go to work on the problem. God is more interested in making you mature than He is about making life easy. So He starts by saying, “You get your life changed and then I’ll help you work on the problem.” Instead of going out and saying, “Lord, change this situation!” you start by saying, “Lord, change me.” “Lord, change me in this marriage and not my spouse.” “Lord change me in this job problem.” Once you’re in line, then God can go ahead and answer.

The fact of the matter is this: God is never late. His timing is perfect. We may think He’s late but He’s never late. God’s delays are not God’s denials. “Not yet” does not mean “No”. What do you do when the answer is delayed? You keep on praying until you get the answer, you get assurance of the answer or until God reveals to you that it’s not His will.

What you need to remember is God loves you more than you’ll ever know and He knows what’s best for you. He knows when you’re ready for the answer. He knows when you can handle it. Trust in His timing and know that God’s delays are not God’s denials. God is working behind the scenes to bring things together and God is working in you.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Ray
New Beginnings Church
Sunday service at 10am
“We Do Church Differently”

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