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Fill Your House With The Beauty Of Affordable Art

Posted: 3/15/2013

Easy access to the world’s largest selection of art images and framed versions of your own photos is now available to help you love where you live even more
Easy access to the world’s largest selection of art images and framed versions of your own photos is now available to help you love where you live even more.

(NAPSI)—Giving your home more personality and treating yourself and your family to the delights of custom art can be easier and more affordable than you may think.

To help, here are some tips:

• Remember, when you hang an artwork, the center point of the picture or group of pictures should be at about eye level for the average person.

• In general, it’s wise to use smaller pictures, photos or paintings for narrow walls and larger pieces for bigger wall spaces.

• If you are going to hang a piece of art over furniture, remember that the artwork should not be longer than the furniture is wide. Some say that about 75 percent of the width of the furniture is a useful target when it comes to the length of the art.

• Many decorators believe that it’s wise to display art in a way that groups three “like” items together. Maybe your arrangement will group three pieces by the same artist, or three pieces that have the same subject matter or are similarly framed.

Whatever grouping you decide on, make sure your wall decor matches your personality. The good news is that selecting the right art for your home is getting easier thanks to a website that helps people find the art they love, so they can love their space more. The site,, offers original content, curated collections and advice.

• For example, its Photos-to-Art service lets users turn their own photos into personalized artwork. Simply upload customized photos and choose the type of artwork you want, including large-scale artistic canvas, wood mounting, photographic poster prints and custom-framed pieces. As an extension to this service, recently launched a mobile iPhone app that allows users to upload customized photos from their phone camera or Instagram.

• also helps you to select handpicked art that reflects current design trends for every aesthetic-from Modern Rustic to High Drama to Modern Man Cave, among others.

• Users can browse more than 1.5 million images by artist, by subject or by collection.

• ArtCircles,’s app for iPad, takes you through the world’s most inspiring art collection as seen through the eyes of various curators. You can tag your favorites, create your own collection, share it with your social networks and even view the artworks in your own space by holding the iPad up to your wall. Once you’ve found the right art for your space, you can buy it directly from your iPad.

To view the collection and for more information, visit the website at


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