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Your Home

Make Your Home Your Comfort Zone

Posted: 2/14/2013

Cortney Novogratz
Cortney Novogratz, pictured here in her New York City home, has been using Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems in her designs for years.

(NAPSI)—When it comes to decorating, remodeling or building a home, says leading interior designer, author and HGTV star Cortney Novogratz, there’s an important element homeowners should not overlook: comfort.

“Stylish interior design and superior indoor comfort are not mutually exclusive,” Novogratz explains. “I consider the selection of the heating and cooling system to be the bones of a home and a major part of the design process.”

Novogratz, who advises her clients to be actively involved in both the design and construction processes, believes a superior heating and cooling system is one of the most important decisions they can make. “Homeowners should not restrict themselves to simply picking out cabinets or countertops,” she says. “The choice of a heating and cooling system is as significant, if not more so, than interior design, because it lets you have control over your comfort.”

“Mitsubishi Electric systems just make sense,” she says. “They are energy efficient and quiet, and they provide design flexibility, which is why we’ve not only installed them in our own home, but also incorporated them into many of our remodeling projects.”

When winter’s chill sets in, the unique heating benefits of a ductless system include:

• Controlling your home’s appearance. There’s no need to sacrifice design. The units come in a variety of styles so you can choose the right look for the space. Plus, the small outdoor units can be placed on a roof or balcony.

• Controlling your room’s space and shape. Because the units use minimal or no ductwork, there’s no need for lower drop ceilings or awkward room shapes.

• Controlling the temperature. Each room functions as a separate zone with individual climate control. “This gives us the ability to adjust the heat from room to room depending upon the amount of sun and the room temperature preferences of my kids. It gives us ultimate control over our own space,” says Novogratz.

• Controlling your energy bills. Advanced technology and smart controls mean the systems run efficiently and you can easily adjust the temperature in different rooms for optimal energy savings.

• Controlling the air you breathe. The systems circulate room air effectively and have multiple allergen filters to greatly improve indoor air quality.

Learn More

For further information, visit or follow Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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