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From Wrong to Right

Aug 07, 2019 12:00AM ● By Story and photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner

Carmichael Parks Foundation President Sharon Ruffner (center) receives a check for $11,000 from Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert (right) and County Supervisor Susan Peters (left).

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - A code-violating landlord's plea deal has enabled scholarships for Carmichael children. Landlord Cameron Kambiz Razavi has served jail time, was ordered to do community service, to clean up his apartment complexes and pay $15,000 to the District Attorney's Safety and Community Improvement Fund. Penalties were enforced for his permitting sub-standard dwelling rentals, and for his allowing rubbish to accumulate at Twin Gardens Apartments on Fair Oaks Boulevard.

Sacramento DA Anne Marie Schubert last week presented $11,000 of the plea deal sum to the Carmichael Parks Foundation. The money will fund recreational opportunities for local youth. Schubert’s handover was applauded by County and DA staff, Sheriff's deputies and code enforcement officers who helped prosecute the 2016 case. “The DA's office is not in the business of giving money away,” said Schubert. “But we learned from this case that it takes a whole community to make a community healthier and safer. This money reinvests in good work being done for this district. Kids are the future of this community. Youth scholarships will change lives.”

Supervisor Susan Peters said the muscle of Schubert’s office assisted code enforcement. “Some people ignore a letter from the county,” she explained. “But when they see the seal of the DA’s office, envelopes get opened.” It was easy to decide where Razavi’s plea agreement money should go, she continued. “Carmichael Park District has grown to embrace the community. It sets a good example for other districts.”

Park Foundation president Sharon Ruffner accepted with elation. “This is huge for us”, she said. “We subsidize 50 percent of our scholarships and this check covers our budget for half a year. Families who've been living in sub-standard housing suffered from the crime. With these programs, we can give back to them.”