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Excelsior Pre-School Gold River Now Open

Aug 26, 2022 12:00AM ● By Story and photos by Margaret Snider

Excelsior Pre-School staff pose on the playground at Excelsior Pre-School. From left are: Jenna Boyd, receptionist; Mariana White, teacher; Serina Busch, teacher; Maren Padilla, office manager; Brandi Higgins, assistant director; Haley Hamilton, teacher; Nancy Fugate, director.

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RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Excelsior Pre-School Gold River’s grand opening took place on the evening of August 10 with ribbon-cutting, open house, tours of the facility and festival of food trucks.  “We’re doing this so we can get out to the community, so they know what we’re about,” said director Nancy Fugate, “(so) they know that we’re really high quality and we’re there for the families and the children.” The facility is located at 2317 Gold Meadow Way, Rancho Cordova.  Attending were the pre-school staff, present clients and possible future ones, Win Pont home office representatives, and a bunch of obviously delighted pre-school age children.

The school uses an emergent curriculum in its program. Teachers observe and listen to the children as they play, determine their areas of interest, then develop a plan which reflects those interests.  This process provides greater insight into the needs of the individual child, and allows for learning that is play-based, project-based and promotes investigative learning.  The curriculum supports whole child development and improves kindergarten readiness.  It is also interesting to the children and more likely to keep their attention.

Fugate explained that the programs at Excelsior can be for either an 8-hour or a 10-hour day, and the school can also provide half days, anywhere from three half days to five half days a week.  The cost is very competitive. The roomy, well-organized facility has artistic and positive images throughout halls and classrooms. The whole facility is spacious and light with easy access to learning centers that invite the attention of young children.  The grounds feature a large playground with equipment that kept the young visitors at the grand opening continually running, playing, and exploring.

Wesley and Dawn McClenahan attended the opening with their daughter Winslow who was almost 2 years old, and Winslow’s grandmother Lori Petty.  Some of the others who were there were Sara Rock and her son Jameson, 2-1/2, and Jameson’s grandmother Janna Rock.  One of the fathers visiting was so impressed with the appearance and functionality of the facility he joked that he wished he could enroll himself. 

“We have a team of professional teachers who are full of love and highly qualified,” Fugate said.  “They are paid more; they have a lot of special benefits for themselves through work here.”  Classroom ratio is better than average at the school; rather than the usual 1 teacher to 12 students, the Excelsior ratio is 1:8. “I think that really we are bringing something new to this field,” Fugate said.  “We’re bringing a secure place for children, but it is also perfect for staff, a place where they can really grow and learn.”

Fugate herself has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and administration, with 30 years of experience in the field, an associate degree in business, and many different classes and training along the way. 

For those who are interested in touring Excelsior Pre-School Gold River with an eye toward enrolling their child, or are interested in employment, please call Excelsior Pre-School Gold River at 916-775-8618 or e-mail [email protected].