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California Automobile Museum Opens New Exhibit

Jan 18, 2024 02:28PM ● By California Automobile Museum News Release
A featured car in the new exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Automobile Museum

SACRAMENTO, CA. (MPG) – The California Automobile Museum is proud to announce the opening of our new exhibit “Rucas y Carruchas: Ladies in Lowriding” on Saturday, January 20!

This new exhibit, spearheaded by our Exhibits Manager, ShaVolla Rodriguez, will focus on Lowriders, the Lowrider and Chicana cultures, and the women who have taken their places as owners, builders, designers and drivers of these beautiful vehicles.

lowrider classic car automobile museum California

 Undated photo of a classic lowrider. Photo courtesy of the California Automobile Museum

“Lowrider describes both the car and the owner all at once, both individually and combined. Invested monetarily, emotionally and even spiritually, the Lowrider as a person is so deeply devoted to the craft, the culture and their vehicle, that they become one with their car. Likewise, the car is an extension of their owner, and much more than a vehicle, the car is anthropomorphized into a being that is the recipient, like a lover, of the owner's hard-earned money, attention and affection. The car is showered with fine clothing and jewelry, polished and caressed, gazed upon for hours, dressed up outside, inside, and underneath, and taken out to show to the world how much has been invested into their Ranfla. The Lowrider is a person, a car, a culture, a lifestyle, a fellowship, even a religion, all in one word. An extension of oneself, of the barrio, of Chicanismo; to Lowriders, Lowriding is life.”

-Professor Patrick Fontes

Opening Event:
Saturday, January 20, for the Grand opening of the exhibit, we will celebrate the vibrant world of Rucas y Carruchas: Ladies in Lowriding! Join us for a special event filled with live entertainment, mouth-watering food trucks, and unique vendors.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, January 20th 2024
Time: 10am-3pm

Highlights of the Event:
-Live DJ: Groove to the beats of a live (female) DJ spinning tunes that perfectly complement the energy of the exhibit.
-Food Trucks: Indulge your taste buds with a variety of delectable offerings from our curated selection of food trucks.
-Vendors: Explore the offerings from local vendors showcasing unique and artsy merchandise.

Immerse yourself in the cultural fusion of lowriders and feminine flair while enjoying a lively atmosphere filled with music, delicious bites, and captivating exhibits. Don't miss this chance to make memories and share the excitement with fellow enthusiasts!

California automobile museum car lowrider event

 The official flyer for the opening event. Photo courtesy of the California Automobile Museum