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Breakfast is for the Birds

Feb 28, 2024 11:46AM ● By Susan Maxwell Skinner, photos by Susan Maxwell Skinner
Bird-watching safaris promise sightings of up to 40 avian species at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center on March 16 and 24.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s popular Bird and Breakfast fundraiser has for 33 years proven there’s more to ornithology than ogling birds.

In acreage resonant with morning song, experts will lead nature lovers next month on safaris to view birds in their most industrious season.  Hot brunches will follow. Two Bird and Breakfast programs will span two weekends. Because these events sell out, reservations are required.

Bird and Breakfast avian

Bird and Breakfast guides point out nest-building and other avian activities.

Participants will see dozens of avian species during incubation, courting, feeding and nest-building activities. No bird gets left behind: guides are as excited by tiny finches as by majestic raptors.

The wildlife foray follows trails in the Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s 99-acre reserve and continues to the American River, where ducks and waders abound.

Sacramento Audubon scouts visit the reserve beforehand to locate spots where wren, hawk, woodpecker and titmouse nurseries are under construction. Higher up, hummingbirds might be seen camouflaging walnut-sized cradles. Nest-watching is enhanced by viewing scopes.

red shouldered hawk Nature Center

In the Nature Center’s undeveloped acres, a red shouldered hawk gathers grass for nursery comfort.  

The $55 safari on Saturday, March 16, is followed by a hot breakfast. This excursion is best suited to participants aged from 12 to adult. On Sunday, March 24, a $35 family program includes an abbreviated walk. At the journey’s end, a pancake feast awaits. Both events offer discounts for children and for American River Natural History Association members.

Nature Center animal residents will offer close critter encounters. These ambassadors include a Swanson’s hawk, a Peregrine falcon, an American Kestrel and a great-horned owl.

Silent auctions of bird-related goodies accompany breakfast on March 16.

Neither weekend’s program is recommended for very young children.

Participants should wear stout shoes and bring binoculars. Both Bird and Breakfast fundraisers begin at 8 a.m. and all proceeds assist the Nature Center’s educational outreach.

The center will also offer three stand-alone bird-lovers’ programs on March 14, March 15 and March 20. Lecturers are Ed Pandolfino, Rich Howard and Ed Harper. For information on all Effie Yeaw events, visit

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center has operated under the aegis of the nonprofit American River Natural History Association since 2010. The nature center is inside Ancil Hoffman Park off of 6700 Tarshes Drive, Carmichael.