Retired Local School Teacher Turns 100

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG)  |  Courtesy of Eskaton Village, Carmichael
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Active centenarian Clea Meyers was surrounded by friends, families and well-wishers as she celebrated the amazing accomplishment of reaching her 100th birthday. --Photo courtesy of Eskaton Village, Carmichael.

Clea Meyers, a retired Rancho Cordova teacher, reached a major milestone with her 100th birthday in March. She’s having lots of parties with well-wishers.; Meyers can be seen walking around Eskaton Village in Carmichael, where she lives. With her pedometer clipped on, Meyers participates in the Eskaton Step It Up walking program, logging an impressive 7,000 steps per day – which she has no problem achieving.

According to Meyers, good food, good exercise and attitude are the secrets to living a long and healthy life. She explained, “It’s about having a positive attitude and caring for others.” During her nearly 100 years on earth, she has practiced what she preaches. About 15 years ago, she began knitting hats for children in the hospital.

The mother of two, grandmother of five, and great-grandma to nine, grew up in Nebraska. She met her husband there, they were both in education. In 1959, after visiting her sister and brother-in-law in Sacramento, the couple decided to move out west. “It was so nice to get out of the snow and ice,” she said. “And the teacher salaries we so much better in California.”

Meyers spent 20 years teaching second grade at Peter Shields Elementary in Rancho Cordova. She loved teaching. The greatest part for her was working with the students, she said, “Opening their eyes to the world and seeing them grasp and grow into adults.”

Meyers is proud to be a resident at Eskaton Village, Carmichael where she has lived since 1997. “Absolutely the best place one can live,” she exclaimed. “The food is so good."